Thursday, August 6, 2009

PL1L rawk...!! kenakalan lawyer2 wannabe...!

bila kitorg jd sumthing wrong lam klas Bel120...
alkesah bermula...
setengah jam terakhir b4 klas bel abis...
miss ajak maen2..maen smbung2 ayat.
ayt 1st yg miss bg
i looked out the window

i looked out the window.i saw someone.i met him yesterday.his name is ali.he was my ex-bf.he said something to me.he wanted me back(ak smbung ayt ni).but i have date with someone else.i said no as i was dating the uncle who sold pisang goreng.suddenly,he dragged me to his arms.i shouted.but i really love it!!!(x boley blah ezni!)i fell in love with him for a second time but i told him that it was not the right way to show his love by dragging me in his arms.i turned around and kicked his leg.suddenly he felt and died due to massive brain attack.i was arrested.i was sentenced to death.i brought the case to Court of Appeal.(stat da nk tnjuk blajar LAW)and i won the case.however K.S(sape tuh? x kan x knl kowt..) re-opened the case.i felt terrified b'coz i knew that i can't win the case.on the hearing day,i hid his wheelchair so that he won't show up at the court.suddenly,he came to the court with skate-boardon the way to the court the silly lawyer that represented him was infected with H1IN1 and he was forbidden to attend the a result,the case was closed and the punishment towards me was remain mystery...THE END..WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE IN NEXT CLASS PL1L.........

yeah..sgt2 terok bdak2 pre-law PL1L
x psal2 karpal singh terlibat..
ni juz gurauan2 bodoh kitorg..
dun take it serius..ok!
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